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Dec 20th 2015SandBox - Lathe-mounted disk sander
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May 11th 2015New web site layout
Nov 6th is featured on!
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Dec 8th 2013Servo switch for photography and microcontrollers
Sep 29th 2013Feuertonne de luxe - Bauanleitung
Feb 6th 2013Measurements of the flash duration and trigger lag of the 430EX
Feb 3rd 2013Updated PCB and software of delay circtuit
May 6th 2012Basics on command line image processing under Linux
Apr 27th 2012Second version of firmware for SmaTrig 2.1 released
Dec 20th 2011The SmaTrig 2.1 apeared in the German PHOTOGRAPHIE magazine!
Dec 08th 2011DIY opto-isolated power switch
Mar 17th 2011SmaTrig 2.1 - the improved2 smart 15-in-1 trigger for SLRs
Feb 24th 2011Delay circuit for (high speed) photography
Dec 14th 2010Super simple DIY vacuum tweezers
Nov 3rd 2010Camera remote release pinout list
Apr 13th 2010SmaTrig 2 - the improved smart 15-in-1 trigger for SLRs
Aug 31st 2009EOS battery grip(s) disassembled
Jul 22nd 2009HDR-Jack 2 - The improved HDR and interval trigger
May 29th 2009EOS 350D/400D battery grip disassembled
May 4th 2009Simple DIY inductance meter (L-meter)
Feb 17th 2009Simple drip apparatus (dripper) for drop photography
Jan 9th 2009Compact RS232 to TTL converter
Jan 9th 2009New electronics section
Dec 16th 2008HDR-Jack - The ultra-compact interval and HDR trigger
Nov 26th 2008Simple sound trigger for cameras and flashes
Oct 31st 2008Added some data to the site "DIY wired remote control..."
Sep 10th 2008Updated SmaTrig page
Aug 06th 2008Canon EOS 400D shutter lag measurements
Jul 09th 2008Fullrange horn speakers with the Fostex FE103 driver
Jun 30th 2008SmaTrig - a compact 15-in-1 camera trigger
Jun 19th 2008Canon EOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi exposure characteristics
Jun 3rd 2008DIY Canon RC-1 infrared remote control clone
Jun 3rd 2008Canon RC-1 IR remote control reverse-engineered
Jun 3rd 2008DIY wired remote control for Canon EOS cameras
Jun 3rd 2008Site launch!